Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Eighty Aech Dee homepage. You will learn so much about the wonderfully excellent band, "Eighty Aech Dee". For those of you waiting for a show.. Keep on waiting. We promise you we will have one eventually. In the meantime, Eighty Aech Dee is concocting a plan of great new music for our lovely listeners. Hopefully soon, Eighty Aech Dee will be going into a studio to, more professionally, record this lovely music onto a Compact disk for you people to play inside of your Compact Disk Players. Thank you for your patience. We love each and every one of you. Peace.

For those of you who have heard rumors about Eighty Aech Dee splitting up... They were lies you gullible losers.  Thank you.

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Hey everyone, thanks for not forgetting about us. We have been writing new stuff, recording, introducing our new guitarist, Fernando Rios, and just thinking about how far we can take Eighty Aech Dee. Our news is we have made some new songs. Here are a few.



3.Don't Worry About Me, Worry About Yourself (Z.O.M.B.I.E.)

4.Elusive Recluse

5.Closed Caption

6.The End

We have a new guitarist, Fernando Rios (fromerly of Hot Fresh Meal, now also bassist of The City) and we have been working with him. We have a fuller sound now. He has brought so much more to Eighty Aech Dee.

We have so far recorded Propaganda Man, and parts of EBS and The End.Those will be out eventually and if you havent heard yet, we are now on myspace.com ( http://www.myspace.com/eightyaechdee ) and you can here parts of our old demo and The Whale.

So that's what has been in the world of Eighty Aech Dee for the last 5 months. We plan on having a come back show with Set Aflame soon. maybe a month or so, so don't give up and just pop in the old Eighty Aech Dee demo abd listen to your favorites, because when we come back, you better know the words to them.