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September 13th-Homecoming Carnival at Round Rock High School senior parking lot. This show made us so nervous. It was our first show so i guess thats why.We played with Losing Streak, Next Friday, Foil, and Manatee and it was a really energetic show. We got some people moshing during our set and they got thrown out so i guess that rocked. I popped my big E string during our last song "Love is Lost".

December 14th-The Vibe, 6 p.m.-This show seemed like a practice.there were only about 15 people there and we knew all of them so it wasnt anything special but damn it was fun. Ronnie popped his big E string during the first song "To Far From Reach" so we had to tune him down to were we matched and we had to throw out our set list and kind of go by ear.

December 18th-Round Rock High School,  6 p.m.- This show rocked. Brad broke a tom off of his drum set so looks like so far we are taking turns breaking somthing at everyshow. Oh yea we didnt win. We played with Losing Streak, Next Friday, First Year French, Manatee, and whole bunch of other bands. they all were really good.

January 2nd-The Vibe, 9 p.m.-This has been our best show yet. Everyone was rocking to us. There were alot of people too so yea. Nothing broke.

Febuary 7th-Vega Fest I, 6 p.m. 1305 East Main Street. Round Rock - This show was incredible. We rocked so hard, we got the cops called on us twice. Applause goes out to Hot Fresh Meal, The Unexplainables, and everyone how showed up. Thanks everyone.

 February 11th-The Vibe, 8 p.m.-, Eighty Aech Dee and The Unexplainables-Good turnout for a school night. The Unexplainables were amazing as always. Brandon popped 3 strings in one song on Say It Ain't So.

March 5th- Mike Aid, Fieldhouse Gym at Round Rock High School - This was for a friend Mike who got into a car wreck and his family needed the money to help him out. This wasnt a great show really. Barely anyone was there and it wasnt fun really. It sucked. Cruiserweight, Manatee, First Year French, and Losing Streak played too.  It was for a good cause though, so no big deal,

March 19th-Vega Fest II, SPJST Hall at Luther Peterson and Sunrise- The lineup was us , The Unexplainables, Hot Fresh Meal, and The Rose Tremont, and Cleverint. This show was once again, amazing.  All of the bands were rocking and we had so much crowd interaction. I think at least one person, if not more, came up to the mic and sang with us on every song. Brad pushed his set over! The only thing we that wasnt to great was we had a mic stolen and a mic broken.

March 30th-The Vibe-508 E 6th St Austin at 9PM- admission is 5-8 dollars-Let's not even address this show.

April 24th-ROCKAPOLOOZA AT OLD SETTLERS PARK AT 12 NOON Doors at 11:30- cancelled

May 2nd-The Vibe-508 E.6th St. at 6PM - Battle of the Bands - We came in 2nd place, and we would like to thank everyone who came out and showed support. It was a really great show. We played E.B.S. for the first time for an audience and it went over really well with the crowd!

May 22nd-Cat Hollow park-105 North Field, Round Rock - 6 p.m. - CANCELLED

May 26th-The After School Specials- Cat Hollow Park - 6 p.m. - Next Friday, Cleverint, Midas Rae, Set Aflame, First Year French, Hot Fresh Meal- This show was really really good. All the bands put on a hell of a show and alot of people came for just fiinding out about it earlier that day. Tons of crowd interaction! Rock.

May 30th-The Backroom-Austin-2015 E. Riverside Dr. 7pm. We play with Next Friday -CANCELLED

June 11th-The Vibe-508 E. 6th Street- Battle Of The Bands- CANCELLED

June 24th-The Vibe-8 p.m.- This show went pretty good. No one really showed up but thats probly our fault due to not making flyers and getting the word around. Nice show though

July 9th - The Vibe - 508 E. 6th Street, Austin @ 7p.m. - w/ Sequoia - This show went over great. We only were able to play for 20 minutes due to schedule conflicts but alot of people came. Thanks alot everyone!

July 16th - Chipotle in La Frontera, 150 Sundance Parkway, Suite 150, Round Rock @ 6p.m.- Kind of cool. We played a bunch of covers and they all went over good but not incredible

July 17th - Clay Madsen Recreation Center, 1600 Gattis School Rd., Round Rock @ 5 p.m.- BEST SHOW EVER! what a great show. alot of fun and so much energy. We didnt win but oh well this was the greatest Eighty Aech Dee show ever.

August 2nd - Redrum - 501 E. 6th Street, Austin @ 7 p.m.- We played with Next Friday and Section 9. This was a battle fo the bands that really was awsome. This is a great little club and it rocked. NF beat us but oh well, they rock too.

August 8th - Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar, 141 E Hopkins St, San Marcos @ 8 p.m.- Freakin' awsome show. Not many people came out but so far Lucy's has the best sound i've ever heard. It was a perfect show. perfect.

One Day - The Duckpond - One Word, "fun".